4 Reasons To Opt For An External E-Bike Battery

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular, so more and more people are comparing various options to find the best type to fit their needs. One of the most important decisions you'll need to make also tends to be one of the trickiest; should you go for an internal battery or an external battery?

While an internal battery is fitted into the bike's frame, an external battery is outside the frame and can be easily detached. As such, external batteries are sometimes called 'detachable batteries', while internal batteries are sometimes called 'fixed batteries'. Each option comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, but here are just four reasons you might prefer an external battery.

1. Easy To Swap Out

One reason electric bikes are growing in popularity is the increased range offered by modern batteries. However, no battery is going to last forever, and you'll have to recharge the bike once an internal battery runs out of juice. However, external batteries can be quickly switched out, so you can always bring a spare one along for longer rides. Additionally, being able to quickly swap batteries means that replacing a defective or old battery will be less complicated and time-consuming.

2. Lower Cost

There are plenty of factors that can impact the cost of an electric bike, but the type of battery you choose will often be one of the most significant. In general, an electric bike with an internal battery will cost considerably more than one with an external battery. You can either save the difference or put it towards another area of your new electric bike.

3. Easy To Charge

You'll need to keep your electric bike charged if you want to make the most of it, and that's far more convenient when you opt for an external battery. When you need to recharge your bike, you can simply detach an external battery and take it somewhere to plug in. That's particularly nice when you use an electric bike for your commute since you'll be able to take the battery into the office and charge it while you work. When you choose an internal battery, you'll need to bring the whole bike along whenever the battery needs charging.

4. Easy To Protect

Finally, it's worth remembering that particularly high or low temperatures can cause batteries to wear out faster. If you live in a part of the country that often experiences such extreme temperatures, an external battery is probably going to work better since you'll be able to remove it and bring it inside with you to protect it from the elements.

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