Top Tips When Buying Used E-Bikes

Buying a used E-bike can be quite confusing. More often than not, buyers do not know what they should look for when buying a used bike. As such, they are surprised if the bike breaks down a few weeks after purchase. Below are tips to help you purchase a used E-bike

Your needs should be the primary determinant of what E-bike you should purchase. For example, a commuter bike is designed for short rides and maximum comfort. On the other hand, a cruiser bike can handle longer distances and can travel fast. Decide what features you want on the used E-bike. For example, it could be that you want a lightweight folding bike if you do not have sufficient storage space. You could also need a bike with a throttle, speedometer and phone compatibility. For long distances, the bike should have a wide-range battery and a high-quality motor. 

Conduct a preliminary inspection to determine the general condition of the bike. For instance, inspect the frame for signs of cracks and bends. Examine the handles and pedals for damages. The E-bikes tires should have sufficient tread. Besides, the rims should not have any bends or missing spokes. 

Examine the bike's use. Ask the seller how long they have owned the bike and how many kilometres the bike covers every day. You could also check the bike's speedometer to determine its current mileage. Do not hesitate to purchase a bike with high mileage. Instead, ask the seller to provide the bike's service report or logbook servicing schedule. Check whether they service the bike on time and whether they use genuine OEM parts. 

You should be concerned about the bike's battery life. Typically, E-bikes have a lithium-ion battery that degrades over time. Therefore, ask the seller how long the battery takes to charge and how long it takes to drain. Most batteries will have a recommended life span. As such, you will need to replace the battery if it has exceeded its lifespan. 

Take the bike for a ride to determine how well it handles. Beware of a wobbling wheel, squeaks and rattles. Put the bike on pedal assist and check how fast the battery drains. Besides, check the maximum speed of the bike. 

Used E-bikes will be priced differently. However, you should be ready to pay more for a bike that is in excellent condition. Ask the seller to service the bike or give a guarantee. Remember to ask the owner for proof of ownership. Additionally, draw a purchase contract to transfer ownership to your name.