Top Tips When Buying Aluminium Boats

Over the years, aluminium boats have been known for their durability and performance. As such, it does not come as a surprise if you are looking to purchase an aluminium boat. Below is a guide detailing the considerations to make when buying a boat. 

Boat Specifications

You will find different boat models. Therefore, you should assess your needs to determine which model suits your needs. Some factors to consider include: 

  • What is the motor size? Small motors are ideal for short cruises. However, you need a large engine if you will have several people on board or intend to use the boat for commercial fishing.
  • The boat's horsepower would be vital if you will use it for water sports.
  • You would be interested in the size of the fuel tank and the boat's fuel consumption if you will go on long trips.
  • What accessories do you need? Bait wells, outboard power, cold storage and rod lockers are essential when buying a fishing boat. A canopy and comfortable seats are must-haves in a recreational boat. 

Buying New Boats

When buying a new boat, contact a few dealers and inquire about the boat's availability and pricing. Besides, inquire whether the boat has a manufacturer warranty. Consider dealers that offer incentives such as free insurance, shipping and servicing. Some dealers will give discounts to buyers that need boat accessories such as trailers, safety gear, survival kits and iceboxes.

Buying Used Boats

One of your primary concerns when buying a used boat is its condition. Although aluminium boats are known to last a lifetime, it is advisable to inspect the boat's body for signs of rust. A used boat will have minor dents and scratches on its body. However, you should be alarmed if the vessel has huge dents or excessive filler on its body. Examine the functionality of the boat's controls and electrical system. Besides, check the engine for signs of oil and water leakage. 

Most people will avoid boats with a lot of hours. The truth is, the hours should not be an issue if the owner serviced the boat on time and used OEM parts. Therefore, ask the owner to provide the boat's service records. Take the boat for a spin to check how well it handles on open water. Check the prices of similar models to determine the boat's market value. Do not shy off from paying more to get a well-maintained boat. 

Buying a boat should be easy with the above tips. Determine a suitable model and observe the above guide when buying used and new boats, including Quintrex boats