A Guide On How To Buy Used Honda Road Motorcycles

Buying a used Honda road bike could seem straightforward for most people. However, this is not always the case. Below is a guide detailing how you can buy a reasonably priced Honda road bike in excellent condition. 

Determine The Required Specifications

Below are some factors that will determine the motorbike that you will purchase: 

  • How much power do you need? Small engines are ideal for beginners. Larger engines allow you to reach top speeds within a few seconds. You should also assess the bike's fuel consumption.
  • Determine a suitable transmission. For instance, a five-speed bike has a wide range of gears, thus allowing you to ride for longer without needing a gear change.
  • Determine an appropriate ride height and positioning of the handlebars.
  • Determine the required bike features. It could be a heavy-duty suspension, digital speedometer, a large fuel tank, or performance brakes. 

Work With Reputable Dealers

If possible, you should purchase the bike from a reputable and accredited dealer. The primary advantage of dealing with accredited dealers is that they offer guarantees. Typically, they will repair the bike for free if it develops defects within a specified period. They could also offer extra services such as shipping and insurance. 

Inspect The Bike

Contact a few dealers and inquire about the availability of the bike that you need. Visit their premises to examine the bike on sale. Look out for the following: 

  • Examine the bike for accident damage. A bent frame, filler on the body, signs of welding, missing spokes, and broken handlebars indicate that the bike has been in an accident.
  • Check the bike's mileage. High-mileage bikes should have had an engine overhaul. Ask for service reports to know if the owner followed the recommended logbook servicing protocol.
  • Check whether the bike needs any urgent repairs. For example, it could need new tires or brakes.
  • The bike's controls must be fully functional.
  • Ask for a test ride to examine the bike for transmission and engine problems. 

If you have not owned a bike in the past, ask the dealer to commission a pre-purchase inspection report by an accredited mechanic. 

Appraising Used Honda Road Motorcycles

Conduct some research on the internet to determine the average market price of the bike. The condition of the bike can increase or reduce its selling price. When buying a recent bike model, wait till the release of a new model. Buyers and dealers will be willing to give significant discounts to buy the new model. 

When buying a used Honda road motorcycle, determine the required features, work with reputable dealers and inspect and appraise the used bike before purchase.